Do You Have To Clear Your Roof Of Snow?

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Everyone loves snow for the lovely landscape and atmosphere it creates, but unfortunately it may also cause serious problems, for example when it accumulates on the roof.

Snow deposited on the roof can put a significant weight on its resistance structure and may end up causing damage to the entire building and also be a potential danger for those who pass under the eaves. Changes in temperature cause the snow to melt and then freeze again, creating ice dams and icicles on the roof. Gutters and downspouts are also directly exposed to frost and thaw cycles and they may crack and become inefficient in evacuating the water away from the building, when the ice and snow eventually start to melt down. All these problems can make homeowners pay high costs for roof repairs from a local Aurora roofing contractor.  And all because of that beautiful snow…

So… no matter how lovely it looks, the snow must not be allowed to stay on the roof for too long. Here is what you can do about it:

Manual cleaning

Manual cleaning of the roof is possible with certain tools (shovels, brooms), but make sure you choose them and use them carefully! If you have a ceramic roof, the risk of hitting and damaging the tiles while cleaning the snow off is very high. Metal tools are the most dangerous, so you should avoid them in favor of plastic ones.

Installing snow guards

To avoid the problems that may occur when the snow on the roof slips down in large quantities, you should purchase and install snow guards. The shape and size of these accessories differ depending on the type of roofing materials they are installed on. In order to purchase the right type for your roof, take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations.

A de-icing system – the safest solution to avoid accidents and damage caused by snow accumulations on the roof

Today’s modern technologies make our lives easier by the day. Life runs at an alert pace, so we need simplifications, which makes us to appreciate maximum efficiency combined with minimal investments.

Snow and ice cleaning is a common operation during the cold season, but also an inconvenience for many homeowners. But by choosing an automated electric de-icing system, every snowy day can become a joy, because you no longer have to worry about going out in the cold and clean the roof, wasting time with these operations instead of relaxing and taking advantage of the seasonal joys.

An efficient electric de-icing system can be installed easily and is equipped with a thermostat, with temperature and humidity sensors, so that the system comes into operation only when necessary. These systems can melt snow and ice in no time and maintain your roof clean and risk-free. They become more and more popular, as people realize that they are much more efficient and convenient than shovels or mixtures of sand and salt that may damage the roof and the vegetation around the house.





How To Reduce The Chance of Broken Pipes In The Winter?

Reduce Fire Damage Risk Need For Restoration

In the cold season, you probably already know that, among many other problems, you may also have to deal with broken water pipes, mostly outdoors but sometimes indoors too.  Water has the property of freezing and regardless of the materials a pipe is made of, frozen water can break it from the inside and flood the area. The pipes that freeze more often are those exposed to severe cold, such as hoses, pool lines, irrigation systems, poorly insulated exterior wall pipes, but also water supply pipes in unheated interior areas, such as basements, storage spaces, attics or garages.

However, if you are well prepared and have the right information, you can avoid these problems, which are often very costly. When the water freezes, it increases its volume by about 10%, making pipes burst from the inside, because the materials they are made from cannot cope with the pressure exerted on them.

So, before the arrival of winter, you will have to make some small changes, here and there, regarding some essential details.

“Preparation is the key”, say the water removal Phoenix specialists. Use polyurethane foam to block any small cracks in the piping system. Another thing that homeowners should have at hand is a patch kit to seal the pipes, as you will have to wait until favorable weather to make a permanent repair. And above all, make sure you have the contact details of a professional installer, ready to deal with frozen pipes. Look for a local installer, because they are prompter in providing emergency services and typically more reliable, because they have a reputation to protect in the community.

Drain the water from the pool and sprinkler lines, as directed by the manufacturer or installer. Do not put antifreeze in these pipes, even if you heard that this solution may keep you trouble-free, as it is harmful to the environment and dangerous to humans, pets, wildlife and the land.

Disconnect and drain water hoses. Open the taps to allow water to flow and drain the outdoor water system. Keep the valve open so that the pipe empties completely and does not risk to be damaged by the freezing remaining water.

The best thing you can do when you leave home for a longer time (a weekend or a vacation) is to turn off the main water tap before you go. This way, no matter what happens to the main water system while you are not home, you will significantly reduce the damage.

Check whether you have other water pipes around the house located in unheated areas. Take a look at basements, attics, garages, but also in kitchens and bathrooms. Water pipes in these areas should be insulated. Consider installing specific products to insulate water pipes as a “sleeve”. Talk to a specialist and take into account the recommendations you get, because not all insulation materials are suitable for the climate in your area. Additionally, you can opt for heating cables to protect your pipes during the winter.

You can ask you restoration company to provide other services in the restoration process like Colorado roofing services.


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