How To Find Used Industrial Shelving

Shelves represent the most popular commercial and industrial storage solution. They are versatile when it comes to the provided functionality and come in different designs and materials. There are modular or hanging systems that can be made of wood, metal, plastic or glass. Storage shelving solutions can range from economic to premium, where materials, design and quality are the factors of differentiation.

Which industries use storage shelves?

Retail remains the most popular industry, due to the research and evolution in the retail sector, that constantly find new methods to improve the experience offered by the stores.

  • Retail (Clothing, Shoes)
  • Horeca, (Hotel, Restaurant, Café)
  • Food (Sweets, Spices)
  • Petrol stations
  • Cosmetics (Make-up Stores, Beauty Salons)
  • Tobacco

Why are shelves a necessity?

  • Storing products
  • Highlighting products and attracting customers
  • Keeping products organized
  • Adding value to a space through their design

When it comes to industrial shelving, they are mostly used in warehouses and are made of metal. These shelving systems must bear significant loads and products of different sizes and sometimes unusual shapes. They are very expensive, but luckily you have the option to buy them second hand.

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How to find shelves if you are on a budget

Used industrial shelving systems are a good alternative if you are on a limited budget. The wide range of used metal shelves offered by resellers is a useful solution for any customer.

However, before purchasing second hand used warehouse racking Denver shelving systems, it is essential to check not only their condition, but also the re-seller`s history. Look for companies that have been in this business for many years. The longer their experience, the better. Make sure you check their website and look for an address and a phone number. Avoid re-sellers of used shelving systems that do not provide basic information about them or pictures and description on their website of the products they sell. They must also be willing to allow you to see and inspect the shelving system, before you purchase them.

If the shelves are not damaged and look good, they will have almost the same capacity as when they were new.

How can you find re-sellers of used industrial shelving units?

A simple research on Google reveals a huge selection of second hand industrial shelving for sale. Make a list with suppliers in your area and contact them.

Things to look for before buying used shelves for your warehouse:

Damaged beams

Second hand shelves can hide defects. All racking beams will deflect slightly over time, and when you purchase second hand shelves systems, you do not know to what loads they have been subjected to previously, or in what conditions they have been stored. A layer of new paint may cover up rust and cracks in beams and frames.

Defective welding

When buying used industrial shelving systems you must check that beams have been poorly welded, otherwise you risk that the entire racking system collapses, damaging your stock. This is even worse considering that you get no warranty when you purchase second-hand shelves.