Explanation of What Makes a Reliable Gate Operator

For easier access inside your property, it is good to take advantage of the automation of access gates. This can be done regardless of the type of gate you have, whether they are swing gates or sliding gates. We offer you some guidelines for choosing a reliable gate operator.

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The benefits of automated gates, whether they are for business or residential properties, are easy to understand. Once these locations are equipped with automated gates, you can enjoy better security, increased control over the property and time savings when you open and close the gates.

Choosing automated gates can be quite difficult, given that quite a few things are known about them.

How do they work?

The most common automated gates work on the basis of a very simple system. They are equipped with an engine that, once started, works to open/close the gate. The engine operates an opener, which has a direct action on the gate. It is good to know that openers are different, depending on the type of opening that the gate has.

Most modern openers are equipped with a receiver and a transmitter (remote control), elements that make the gate open and close very easily, without the need for physical contact with it. All you have to do is point the transmitter at the gate and perform the “exhaustive” task of pressing a button.

There are several types of gate automation that you can consider for your project:

Motor with cylinder operation

  • Supported gate type: swing gate
  • Supported weight: heavy
  • Material: iron is the ideal material

Motor with articulated arms

  • Supported gate type: swing gate
  • Supported weight: medium to heavy
  • Material: any material

The engine with cylinder operation is more discreet than the one with articulated arms, although it is more powerful and supports heavy gates. On the other hand, the movement of the engine with articulated arms follows the course of the gate, so it does not affect its structure.

Sliding gate motor

  • Supported gate type: sliding gate
  • Port weight: medium to heavy
  • Material: any material.

Buried or semi-buried motor

  • Supported gate type: swing gate
  • Port weight: average
  • Material: any material

It is also good to know that the buried or semi-buried motor is the most discreet gate automation system.

Before choosing the right automatic gate in Denver, it is essential to take the necessary precautions. In reality, the installation of an automation system is not such a simple project, each situation is different and not all systems are adaptable to all gate projects. You must consider the following aspects:

  • The poles must be strong to support the weight of the motor (in addition to the gate). The gate will be easier to “motorize” if the poles are large.
  • Lighting the gate area is mandatory when the motor is running in automatic mode.
  • Signal lamp – signals the movement of the gate, when a command is transmitted to the gate operator. This component is mandatory too, if the engine is in automatic mode.
  • Climatic conditions: if your home is in a region with very strong wind, install a powerful motor.