How Do I Find A Reputable Bed Bug Sniffer Dog?

Our canine friends are known to have the ability to sniff out things that we would never notice, should we rely on our own noses. The sense of smell that dogs have is about 10,000 times better than our human nose – small wonder dogs are so efficiently used to find drugs, bombs and truffles. They can also detect the odor of an approaching seizure for epileptic people and plummeting levels of blood sugar for diabetics and, for a few years, they are widely used for sniffing out bed bugs.

How Do Bed Sniffer Dogs Work

The dogs used for detecting bed bugs are selected very carefully and they also undergo years of training to learn how to tell their handlers that they have found an infestation. All these innate qualities and the learned abilities make bed bug sniffer dogs very valuable and not available from any breeder or trainer. Here are some tips about how to find a good bed bug sniffer dog for your decontamination business or, why not, for your home.

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Bed sniffer dogs possess both the right genetics and the right knowledge achieved through training. During the bed bug inspection, the dog will sniff the room, especially the areas preferred by bed bugs, such as the mattresses, the upholstery on furniture and the carpets and will signal the presence of the bugs to the handler through special signals learned during their bed bug sniffer dog Denver training. Dogs can sniff out bed bugs in any stage of life of the pests, therefore sniffer dogs can help with early detection as well – very important for efficient decontamination as well as for reducing the costs related to the process.

Find Specialized Dog Training Organizations

While many such organizations provide various types of trainings, not all of them train bed sniffer dogs. Carry out a little online research to find specialized bed bug sniffer dog Denver companies, associations or foundations in your area and contact them to find out about the availability of bed sniffing dogs. You should understand that it takes about 600-1,000 hours of training to teach a dog reliable bed sniffing skills, so you might not be possible to get the canine bed bug expert that you need right away. Some organizations work with long waiting lists, so it might actually take years to find the right dog.

Turn to a Disinfection Company that Uses Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs

Bed bug sniffing dogs take very short to scan a room (in most cases, the inspection lasts for about 30 seconds) and the process is also free from any disruptions. If you need these benefits only one time, you don’t need to have your own dog – you can turn to a company that already uses bed sniffing dogs for the inspections that you need. To figure out whether the sniffer dog used by the pest removal company is, indeed, as talented and trained as it is said to be, ask the service provider to show you a copy of the dog’s certificate that lists the training that the canine has received.